Thursday, 16 February 2017

Libyan Skirmishers

An update of another old unit. I just applied some highlights and introduced some variety in the shields as well as basing them on a 60mm x 40mm base.

Painting new units is still on hold as I organise and put away my collection following a renovation project upstairs. A fair chunk of my collection will be put in the loft to relieve the pressure of storing them around the house.

I still have updated Numidian cavalry and infantry to post but the original pictures were lost when my laptop broke down. So when I get a chance to redo then I'll post them.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Iberian Cavalry Redux

Just a quick update with some fresh pics of rebased and highlighted Iberian Cavalry both heavies and lights. I swapped the shields for the heavy cav from the Caetra to the Scuta and generally tried to highlight and tone down some of the more bright cloaks and tunics. For more info on these very 20mm Newline Designs see my earlier post of light cavalry and earlier post of heavy cavalry.

The project in the house is done however I am still sorting out my collection of miniatures, trying to find a new place for them all around the house. Until they are all sorted and put away the painting is on hold. I have some pics of Libyan skirmishers rebased to post and hopefully I will get a chance to get some pics of my refreshed Numidian light infantry. By then the painting should be ready to commence again (fingers crossed).

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Italians Allies Advance

This post has been a long time coming. I finished 8 bases of 8 Samnites at the end of November but life got in the way. Between Christmas, my computer breaking down again (losing lots of pics for the blog) and now a project in the house (painting walls instead miniatures, sad times). So now after getting some fresh photos and editing them I have them for the blog at last.

I also lost the WIP pictures which showed the use of spray paint and painting strips which sped up a lot of painting time. I used Army Painters Barbarian Flesh spray as the base coat and keeping the figures attached to the strips applied the base colours. A few of the figures got sprayed too heavy but in the end they all seemed fine. I have since acquired white spray for Hellenistic linothorax types and black for chain mail types to use for future projects. 

I used 2 poses from Newline Designs ANI03 advancing Samnite spearmen in these units. Again I swapped the shields from clipped shields for the Roman types to Romanise these Oscan warriors. The sculpting on these miniatures is great and the detail on the armour and helmets is exquisite.

I have also been trying to improve the photography again and had found an article as well as receiving some great tips from Hellboy over at Benno's Figure Forum. I think they are a bit better but I could still do some more work or have a bit more patients when it comes to the editing stage.

So thats another 8 bases done for the Punic Wars, I have been working on rebasing and highlighting some of my older Punic Wars miniatures which will feature in the next few posts once I get round to editing the photos. I should have more time for that next week since my painting desk is out of bounds at the minute because of the project upstairs. All of the stuff from upstairs is blocking off my workzone but I have some Triarii set aside to prep for painting in the mean time.